Rory McIlroy Wins: PGA Championship Preview
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Rory McIlroy Wins: PGA Championship Preview

S3 E119 • May 15, 2024 • 75 mins

In this episode, Buttsy and Matt Cook recap the Wells Fargo championship, make predictions for the PGA championship, and analyze Rory McIlroy's performance. They also examine the performance of top golfers and discuss the potential of Tiger Woods. The episode includes discussions on golf fashion trends, PGA Tour, PIF Madness, and a proposal for an anonymous golf tournament.

Key Points

  • PGA Championship week is packed with discussions ranging from the Wells Fargo Championship recap to Rory McIlroy's win and personal life events, as well as a PGA Championship preview and a new Twitter troll Ryder Cup idea.
  • The hosts are skeptical about some of the top players' chances at the PGA Championship, debating the form and potential of golfers like John Rahm, Bryson DeChambeau, and Jordan Spieth, while showing support for Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler.
  • There's a proposed golf tournament to settle the score between PGA Tour and LIV Golf Twitter trolls, with the hosts offering to commentate live, although the response from the LIV side has been lackluster due to various excuses.

In this engaging episode of the Pull Hook Golf podcast, viewers are treated to a dynamic conversation between host Matt Cook and co-host Buttsy as they delve into the thrilling world of professional golf. From the onset, the hosts recap the Wells Fargo Championship, offering listeners a full roundup of the event's highlights and pivotal moments. The tone is set for an episode packed with lively dialogue and the latest insights into the PGA Championship week.

As the conversation unfolds, the co-hosts blend humor with analysis, dissecting Rory McIlroy's dual status as a champion on the course and the newly announced divorcee. The talk then shifts to a preview of the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club, designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. The show’s Swannies Style Segment, a fan-favorite, delves into the fun world of golf fashion, critiquing the latest trends and even last week's haircuts. The episode crescendos with a discussion about the current PGA Tour and PIF saga, hinting at the sport's ever-evolving landscape. A unique proposal for a Twitter Troll Ryder Cup, tossed up by the Twitter community, is also pondered as the hosts mull over the possibilities of this innovative fan engagement concept.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rory McIlroy's victory at Wells Fargo Championship marks a career high but coincides with personal life changes.

  • A in-depth preview of the PGA Championship at Valhalla, highlighting key holes and potential favorites.

  • Style takes center stage in the Swannies Style Segment, emphasizing the importance of comfort and expression in golf attire.

  • The PGA Tour's ongoing negotiations with PIF continue, with new developments and resignations stirring the pot.

  • The "Twitter Troll Ryder Cup" is suggested, potentially setting the stage for an offline battle of online banter.

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